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What attracts people for consulting and coaching support with me is a great longing to finally be human. Finally experiencing the associated relaxation.

Out of misunderstandings we have learned to bend ourselves to be recognized and supposedly be socially acceptable. But what if we are ‘socially acceptable’ by nature: friendly, helpful, intelligent, loving, compassionate?

It is not our true nature that bothers us, that stresses us, that makes us feel depressed, that makes us feel unhappy.

What makes us feel inadequate, a failure or being broken, is forgetting who we truly are. We have lost the powerful and original inner connection to a large wealth of ideas, creativity, perseverance, intelligence and clarity.

No child is born neurotic!

Most of us have simply forgotten this healthy inner state and are desperately looking for methods and tricks to make our daily life more pleasant. To ‘become a better person’, to be more light-footed in everyday life, being more at ease with raising children. But we repeatedly fall short with our good intentions and resolutions. At some point we give up, disappointed.

But what if we are already ‘a better person’?  What if we can discover and understand that we are already mentally healthy at heart? What if we don’t need fixing, what if it doesn’t need methods and tricks for a better life experience? What if we find back to our inherent humanness through a clear understanding of our human nature?

By working with me you will discover how much you already know about yourself, how creative you are and how wise in your decisions. You learn to trust yourself. The result is a feeling of freedom and independence, a rediscovery of curiosity and joy in life in its richness. And the best of all: your ability to really get involved with other people and enjoy each other gets a big boost!

Don’t be afraid to connect with any topic of your life.

Among my special offers you will find a few selected areas of life that are also close to my heart:

Regula Maeder

Since birth full-time employee of life and:


Private Coaching Practice.
Psychotherapist for Children.
THE BOND – a project and invitation for pregnant women and young mothers where impossible dreams of life with a family can be turned into reality!

Sessions in Langenbruck, Switzerland, by phone or Skype in English and German.

90 Days of Creating The Impossible with Michael Neill, Los Angeles, USA

As a professional Coach with great passion and love for serving people, I am engaging continuously in further education. This keeps me in contact with and learning from the best coaches on the planet.

4 Days: The Rich Litvin Intensive in London. It was powerfully enlightening and an awesome learning, followed by 90 days of intense Group Coaching Sessions.

Clarity Coach Program in London with Jamie Smart and certification as Clarity Coach.

Life Coach Training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Zurich, Switzerland

Working and participating in an institute for alternative psychology and meditation in the US (Sedona, Arizona).

Training as a grief counselor with Dr. Jorgos Canacakis.

1974 – 1999

  • Psychotherapist for children.
  • Intensely involved in educating politicians, therapists, pediatricians, teachers about this new approach in child therapy (I was one of the pioneers).
  • Involvement in creating the right environment and locations in schools and psychological facilities and in children’s homes.
  • Talks and workshops for teachers.
  • Successful collaboration with parents and teachers of the children in therapy.

1974: Diploma as a psychotherapist for children from the University and Heilpädagogische Hochschule in Zurich, Switzerland.


I am the mother of 3 adult sons and 5 grand kids, and living with the musician and photographer Rolf Maeder in Langenbruck, Switzerland.

Early in my childhood I experienced the sudden death of a younger brother – a very profound experience as a 4-year-old. An unspeakable love of existence arose in me. In addition, my mother lost two boys shortly after birth. My interest in the incomprehensibility of being and my astonishment have taken root here.
I myself have experienced three simple, uncomplicated pregnancies and births. But what I ‘bring home’ is invaluable. Empathetically it is possible for me to share this wealth with people.


Another passionate expression of my deep exploration of life’s dance is creating mandalas. Here the boundless and inexpressible can be manifested colorfully, here the truth of life’s primal power becomes visible. All my mandalas are mirrors of life. During a coaching period with a client they often lend a hand as a metaphor.


Sessions in Langenbruck, Switzerland, by phone or Skype, in English or German in all time zones of the planet.

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