Be Pregnant and Happy!

Helping you shape the future you want for you and your child by encouraging young and pregnant mothers to lead emotionally and psychologically fulfilled lifestyles.

The child, a spiritual being, acquiring mastery in living as a human on the earth.

You are the creator of your life and the miracle of life within you, your child. The intimate closeness you have with your child is unique. The love and the caring you give to yourself is immediately experienced by the child within you.

With infectious joy and simplicity, Regula Maeder shows you, pregnant woman, what a great creative force passes on through you to the child during pregnancy and how the conscious care of this connection and unity forms the basis for an emotionally and spiritually fulfilled coexistence. Isn’t it overwhelming what is occurring here: you lend your body to the new human being growing up inside of you and adapt your entire lifestyle to this happening! 24/7 you are connected to the child. This richness deserves to be nursed!

By being connected to the child…

The child in you, this miracle, is an encouragement for you to mold a hopeful future, a future based in absolute certainty of the innate psychological health accessible in you and your child each moment of life.

Regula Maeder draws from a rich life as a child therapist, mother of three adult sons, grandmother and transformation coach. In her work with pregnant women, she meets the great request of young women to ease their start into motherhood. She understands to open women’s eyes to their own natural innate intelligence and wisdom in order to deal with everyday situations wisely and suitably.

If you want to consider pregnancy as an opportunity to enter into a rich, friendly future with the child in your belly and your inner wisdom, please contact me for an informative conversation.